Picture: King apartment complex Amsterdam with Digitals from BN Wallcoverings

King apartment complex Amsterdam with Digitals from BN Wallcoverings

Amazing! Our Digital Wallcoverings at the King apartment complex Amsterdam - a project from Woonhave Rotterdam. These beautiful digitals are created by interior and fashion print designer Katarina Stupavska. For the corridors and entrance they used our brand new Suwide series Lobby and Quartz.

Katarina Stupavska:
Woonhave Rotterdam:
King apartment complex Amsterdam:

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Picture: Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht wins 'Best Design' Hotel Award 2014!

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht wins 'Best Design' Hotel Award 2014!

All Digital Wallcoverings in this hotel are from BN Wallcoverings!, the world’s leading luxury travel site, announced on June 11, 2014 the winners of its 2014 'Best of the Best' Hotel Awards. The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht won in the category 'Best Design Hotel'. The awards are issued to hotels that not only meet with Jetsetter's rigorous quality standards, but also, according to Managing Editor Leigh Crandall, "capture the style, sense of place and outstanding experience that makes a Jetsetter hotel the best in a given destination."

This award is the latest addition to a powerful list of industry-recognized awards attributed to the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht since its opening in November 2012. Among these are the Travellers' Choice 2014 - Winner Luxury | Romance | Top Hotels (TripAdvisor); Hotel of the Year 2014 (GaultMillau); Best Guest Review Score 2013 - Winner Five Star Hotels Netherlands (; Hot List: The World’s Best New Hotels 2013 (Condé Nast Traveler); It List: The Best New Hotels 2013 (Travel + Leisure). Furthermore, the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht also proudly holds a Green Globe certification.

Marcel's comprehensive design for the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, a building that used to be the public library of Amsterdam, cherishes Dutch heritage in a multitude of ways. Sensibilities from the Golden Age and the Discovery Age, as well as Delftware, historical maps, navigation instruments and Amsterdam's creative and knowledge economy, all inform its design. The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht also owns a curated video art collection, which is constantly updated.

In the atrium, the carpeted floor represents a map of the world and the lighting installation an ancient navigation system for travelers, with its constellation of shimmering stars. The wallpaper depicts Amsterdam’s architectonic heritage and an array of symbols are organized to illustrate the ascending from hell to heaven. The lavishly proportioned signature Bell Lamps, with their internal royal chandeliers, welcome international guests to this smart yet relaxed hotel.

Every guest room door number is hand painted in traditional Dutch house style, giving the feeling of returning to your apartment at the end of the day. The furniture and textiles, carpets and wallpapers are custom designed, and every piece tells a story. In Marcel's own words, "As a designer, I always try to design things with personality and character. I even hand painted each wash basin in my one minute style myself! They are all unique. The Andaz is my gift to Amsterdam!"

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Picture: VT Wonen Magazine - Interior Show Amsterdam 2014

VT Wonen Magazine - Interior Show Amsterdam 2014

During the interior show 2014 in Amsterdam the VT Wonen house was the place to be. A huge living barn full of inspiration, arts crafts, styling ideas, and of course our digital wallcoverings!

On the long wall is wallpaper made from an enlarged photograph of coarsely woven linen. Cleo VT Wonen: 'The wallpaper has that handmade feeling, pure and cheerful. The ideal background!

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In August 2013, we have completed this project for the Marriott Hotel in Cologne. For the rooms and in the hallways they used 15000 m2 of our Suwide collection. Above the beds they used about 1750 m2 of our collection Wallhalla. This collection was created by a collaboration between our in-house design studio and designer Feran Thomassen.

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Picture: Andaz Hotel

Andaz Hotel

International interior and product designer Marcel Wanders made the designs for the 6000m2 BN Digital Wallcoverings of the five-star hotel. He therefore took a modern look at the Dutch history and local culture.

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Picture: Blooming Hotel

Blooming Hotel

Studio Edward van Vliet and Studio BN have worked closely on this project. It was the responsibility of BN that all lines, patterns and heights would run perfect. The interior finish is expertly handled by Eric Smit. The project was completed in 2012.

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Picture: Eden Manor Hotel

Eden Manor Hotel

eranHugo Interior Design designed the Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel and used the knowledge of BN Wallcoverings for a special theme on the walls.

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