Digital portfolio

Check out our new collection of designer Edward van Vliet. Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet is, with its distinctive, innovative and unconventional designs, a typical representative of Dutch Design.

The BN Databank gives ideas of other projects we have done. These Wallcoverings are also available for your project.

Timorous Beasties was established in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McCauley and Paul Simmons, who met studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art. Today, the studio is a diverse operation and had emerged as a multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed icon.

All our designs are digitally printed to order and are available as contract quality wallcovering or window graphics. Many can be custom coloured, and can be resized to fit any space.

The Wallhalla series from BN Wallcoverings offers you the possibility of giving your project a totally new allure. Whatever the source of your inspiration, or how you interpret it. Together with our studio, you’ll realise a distinctive project wall covering. With all the right elements.