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Getting started with the Feran Collection

You too can create your own design. But you can also use the Feran Collection. In this series, Feran Thomassen has explored the possibility of taking a specific design further. The result is an eye-catching collection of no less than 48 unique designs.

You can use these designs as they are, but you can also add your own distinctive flavour to them. With other colour schemes, enlargements, reductions, perspectives – whatever you like. Our design studio has the necessary experience, and is happy to work hand-in-hand with you to create the results you want.

By bringing your own creativity to the Feran Collection, you will have an entirely new palette at your disposal; a whole range of possibilities and applications. Because no matter how trendy, daring, or avant garde the design, we always maintain the same old-fashioned quality standards, when it comes to making them happen. As you can see from our technical specifications.

Feran Thomassen on the Eden Manor Hotel

"The creative staff in BN’s design lab created a whole range based on my ideas. They have a lot of experience and skill to offer. In the pleasant atmosphere of direct contact and cooperation, this is the result we achieved. To complete the effect, I used the Suwide and Durafort Fusion collections for the straight walls.”

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